Tracey Chan Design is an illustration and graphic design studio in the Caribbean with over a decade of experience in the visual arts industry.

The studio’s focus is on illustration and graphic design. We like doing many things, so our company has divisions that focus on each brand that we are developing based on our passions. They include: children’s design, surface design, fine art and photography, and handcrafted works.

Things We Love

  • Dependable, efficient customer service
  • Great, personal, customer care
  • Awesome work; attention to detail
  • Clients who love their businesses and products
  • Creative solutions to visual problems
  • Spelling. We like spelling. A lot.

Goals & Vision

We want to change how people think about visual art – less starving artist, more creative business. The studio also aims to empower other amazing multi-talented women to pursue creative careers through continuing education. We hope to be an intrinsic part of the Caribbean illustration and design community.

About the Artist

Tracey Chan 2018

Tracey Chan has a unique skill set. Apart from traditional fine art and design, her experience includes expertise in planning, research, development and organisation.  A regular day can be one in which she draws a lion eating a walrus, proofreads a document, colour corrects a video, designs a flyer and reads a German children’s book. She can be found in a tiny studio, sparring with a cat and trying to grow a garden in the concrete jungle.