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Residency 2018 Art Upstairs Gallery Tracey Chan

What’s this? What’s this? (Jack Skelly voice)

I thought you were a graphic designer? Do you still paint? Don’t you take photos? Where’s your portfolio? Ugh get it right! 12 year old children have functioning websites and have their business together and I’m here flailing trying to get everything just right.

For those who know me, you know that I am both a fine artist and a designer. It is confusing and annoying. Most people don’t get that but with the way things stand right now, that’s really okay. Do I honestly need to stress myself out anymore than I do every single moment? Nope. I’m at my “I don’t care anymore” tipping point. Artist. Illustrator. Designer. Care Bear. Whatever.

I’ve basically lost my mind decided to lump my fine art projects in here because, frankly I can, and I have to time to dawdle. The next couple of months are quick approaching so there’s no time like the present for special announcements.

My 2018 art residency just got announced by my awesome colleagues at Art Upstairs Gallery, and I am so grateful and excited to be a part of their FIRST EVER residency. Excite! Excite! I get to create in an AMAZING gallery space, make new art, and see my friends (my Grenada family) again, after 7 years off the island. Woohoo! I will be attempting to document by blog and social media so stay tuned for more updates.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you’re not already. I have redone my Facebook page, to accommodate new beginnings, so I need followers again. Yikes. I’ll be awkwardly sending invitations to uninterested people. Oops.

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