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Year of the Piggo - Tracey Chan Design

Year of the Piggo – Tracey Chan Design

Every year I strive to start it in a creative and healthy way and one of my first major illustrations always coincides with the Chinese new year celebrations. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays it’s far too busy, and 2018 proved to be one of my most tiring. My January is usually spent organising and planning my work and putting some gaols to paper (or app).

This year, I played around with a couple of different apps to come up with my final mixed media piece; hand drawn art edited and coloured in Clip Studio Paint, and finished in Adobe Illustrator. I sketched and drew the illustration on paper, scanned it and started to work on colour and texture. I’m not a digital painter, really, so it was interesting to try new techniques. For every piece I try a new media, technique I’ve seen in a tutorial or colour palette. Here I was re-familiarising myself with CSP and digital painting. I really didn’t think about the colour palette as much as I should have but I was rushing around (as usual) to finish for the deadline. Next time for sure!

So onto 2019. May the new beginning bring you joy and balance. One of my major problems is definitely the work-life balance aspect but we go forward!

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