Tracey Chan workshop paper play

Paper Play Workshop

Art Upstairs Gallery and I are hosting my first workshop on July 7th, 2018! I’m quite excited to share and teach paper art techniques and ideas with fellow artists, designers and crafters. There will be more information available when you register for the class. This will be a part of the residency that I hope …

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Residency Notes: Hello!

Every year I try to update my bio, both for fine art and for my business and this one is for the current year and in time for the residency. I leave in less than two weeks and I am a little roller coaster of emotion. I feel totally unprepared even though I’ve done extensive …

Residency 2018 Art Upstairs Gallery Tracey Chan

Art Residency 2018

I thought you were a graphic designer? Do you still paint? Don’t you take photos? Where’s your portfolio? Ugh get it right! 12 year old children have functioning websites and have their business together and I’m here flailing trying to get everything just right. For those who know me, you know that I am both …

Tropical Mandala - Tracey Chan Illustrator

Tropical Mandala Apparel

Happy new year (yes it’s March!) and I’ve started the year with some more colour in my portfolio. I have so much to share from a couple of personal projects from last year but first, I’ll tell you more about my Mandala series. I was experimenting with Mandala work again and my friend suggested that …

HNY 2018 - Tracey Chan Illustrator

Happy New Puppy Year!

It’s another Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog and I wanted to do a sweet puppy illustration for it. I hope to be posting a lot more this year since I’ve gotten off to a fairly good start.

Where There Is Love Print

In our seeming never ending troubled times, we all need a reminder of how amazing it is to live in love. Replacing fear with love is something we constantly need to strive toward. We need reminders, we need to practice loving ourselves so that we can love others and let love live in our hearts …

Tracey Chan Design

Happy New Rooster Year!

Ah, the beginning of the new Lunar year is always a great time for reflection and new beginnings. This is how I’m restarting my online blog presence for 2017. I have been working slowly on the website and portfolio and it’s a long process. I truly admire other artists who seem to produce work at frightful …