Residency Notes: Hello!

Every year I try to update my bio, both for fine art and for my business and this one is for the current year and in time for the residency. I leave in less than two weeks and I am a little roller coaster of emotion. I feel totally unprepared even though I’ve done extensive research and organised a thousand lists. So much to do in three weeks, and the time is going to zip by. I know it! However, I am excited to reconnect with my friends who are family and make some new work. Incidentally I will be thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous landscape.

If you didn’t know anything about my fine art side, here it is. The residency will include an artist talk as well I believe, if there’s time. There I will expand on all the work I am doing, and thinking of doing.

Tracey Chan Bio 2018

2018-06-17T13:19:33-04:00June 17th, 2018|Fine Art, Residency|

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